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Welcome to International Prepress Services

International Prepress. has preformed hundreds of installations and thousands of repairs on used imagesetters since 1984. We are a leading supplier of high quality, used imagesetters, imagesetter parts & supplies, and offer economical on-site and phone tech support. Many references are available at your request. We also offer free consulting on direct to plate or poly plate as we have installed many metal & poly plate platesetters over the years.

We Buy & Sell Used Imagessetters and Platesetters

Many customers do not know that there current used imagesetter can run a beautifull poly plate. On site service is available in NJ, NY & PA. Tech support is available 8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday. You will be amazed at how easy it is to repair your used imagesetter with step by step instructions over the phone. Agfa's current service call rate is $1200 to show up for 1 hour of service. In many instances a $75 charge is all that is needed to fix your used imagesetter, so can save a lot of money talking with one of our imagesetter tech specialists. If parts are needed for your repair, International Prepress Services. has a full line of parts and supplies for used imagesetters at prices that are half of Agfa's direct parts. Call us today with any questions regarding your imagesetter needs and we will be happy to help you in a timely and professional manner.


Fuji Film is Discountinuing there Imagesetter Film Sales as of November 2016

International Prepress Services. is a worldwide provider of imagesetter film and has the perfect replacement imagesetter film to meet your needs.

International Prepress Services. has been aware that Fuji Films was going to stop making Fuji imagesetter film for a while and has been helping businesses across the globe get a better imagesetter replacement film. Our Imagesetter film provides a better final product and is easy to order anytime. We offer worldwide shipping and volume discounts. Simply call International Prepress Services. and discover the best Imagesetter film that is available.

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